Friday, January 16, 2009

Giveaway Results

Thank you so much for all the comments........I love it! I had Oliver be the one to pick the winner. We have 2 goldens also...but if I had of had Brodie pick it he would have eaten all the slips of paper before I could stop him. He especially loves socks (think emergency surgery). Here is Oliver waiting to go."I wanted to eat it but Mom wouldn't let me" :-(And the winner is Vera! Please send me your address and I will send the quilt right out. I will have more giveaways because my DD is going to organize my sewing room for me for my birthday.
I went to my local quilt shop to only use my $15 full punchcard and came home with this beautiful fabric and this neat book. I absolutely love jellyrolls and this is the best book I have ever seen for them. I want to make all the quilts in it. This is what 2 of my dogs did while I was in my igloo sewing room all afternoon. 17 degrees in Richmond for daytime temps is cold for us. Please don't laugh all those of you with below zero temps. Actually, I rather have cold than our awful humidity in the summer.

Have a good weekend and thank you all for your comments. Check back soon because there will be more fabrics and books given away.



  1. Love those fabrics --- and the pattern. That looks like the block Crazy Mom is trying to work on right now. She calls it Whirllygig or something like that. Given all the comment discussions on that I'd just order the pattern and be done with it.

    I have to be very humble about's usually 70 here in South Florida.

    Welcome to the blog world...

  2. Okay so I love the fabrics you picked! Again, so excited about the quilt! keep posting, love you!