Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another quilt top giveaway and an oops!

I have to apologize to everyone. I really didn't think that I would have many people interested in the quilt from yesterday. I found a home for it with the first email. I am so sorry for any misunderstanding. So, I do have another quilt top to give away. I will put all the names in from people that posted yesterday and then pull a name tomorrow. This is again Moda fabric , and again I can't remember the name. It is a pretty good size quilt. I don't think that I have any binding fabric but Moda fabric is sort of exchangeable so someone should be able to find something to go with it.
Thank you and I again apologize for my oops.
Take care,


  1. I think this quilt is great. I'd love to have it live at my house! :)

  2. We quilt lovers will always jump at the chance for more!

    This quilt is beautiful!!