Saturday, August 22, 2009

Giveaway result on Monday with a few more little giveaways

Thank you for all the visits to my blog.....I am really enjoying reading about everyone's favorite fabric colors. I will draw a name on Monday, but I have been doing some cleaning and organizing so I have a little more stuff for a few more giveaways and then some Moda Yardage and Fatquarters for sale at 1/2 off and lower on regular prices.

I am funny about how I have to have my sewing room all organized and not have excess stuff around. I am not normally like that except my kitchen and then my classrooms when I taught school.

No sewing going on today,just a little cleaning and then reading.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend,


  1. I hope you'll share insights about how you organize your sewing room and/or kitchen in the future. I could certainly use some insights on organization.


  2. I haven't sewn this weekend either - just cleaning for me too. Trust me my house really needed it!

  3. I am new to quilting but find I am really drawn to the modern look.

  4. I too have to be organized. Everything has it's place. Maybe, this is due to having so many projects on the go at once.

  5. i can't wait to see what you'll be selling, and can't wait to hear the winner.......ME ME ME