Saturday, May 21, 2011

Petunia Baby Giveaway

Thank you so much everyone!!! What a nice surprise for me to have so many people commenting!  I decided to give away 2 babies instead of just one.  

Paulette is the first name chosen.....I think Paulette has been reading my blog since I first started it. She is a fellow quilter and loves fabric as much as I do. I am thrilled that one of my little dolls will be helping her sew. 

*****paulette said...

Wow!! SEW adorable! Thanks for the chance to win one!

And Berrie is believe it or not my dollmaking mentor. When I first started making dolls, I would look through Berrie's pictures of the dolls she had made over the years. Then I got brave enough to ask for a custom outfit and when she mailed it to me she included  dollmaking goodies. Little did she know that she would become my mentor and I would drive her crazy with questions. LOL  Now, I shall be making the teacher a  doll.....I hope I  will make her proud. :-)

*****Berrie Hamby said...
Holy smokes Miss Cathy! Pick me! Pick me!

Please email me at so we can talk about skin, hair and eye color Berrie and Paulette.

Thank you again everyone,


  1. Oh shoot...wasn't me this time....they are just adorable!

  2. Congrats to the winners....and I am now walking away with my shoulders down and tears in my eyes...sob sob...

  3. congratulations to the very very lucky winners!!!

  4. Thanks again, Cathy!! I am going to treasure my little quilting buddy!! They are so incredibly adorable and sweet!!Just love her!
    Big HUG!

  5. Congrats ladies! I hope you share pics of your new babies :)