Sunday, December 20, 2009

Little Quilting Tip

I enjoy sewing on bindings, especially when it is cold and you can snuggle up in your quilt. I have discovered something that works great holding the binding in place. I ordered a bunch of hair clips from etsy to make hairbows and realized that they would work great for binding! I also used them to hold a purse handle together while I was sewing it. The double batting makes the pins bow a little, but the clips worked great. I got a bag of 50 for very little money. Just a little tip in case anyone struggles finding something to use while binding.I finished the binding and it is now in the washing machine taking a little bath..........woohoo, new quilt to sleep under tonight.
I had to include this picture of Oliver with a piece of a twizzler in his mouth. He was a little confused what to do with it.
Have a great rest of the day,


  1. Oliver is adorable!! Is he a puppy or a dog that looks like an sweet little puppy?....lucky you!

  2. Ooh, I love Park Slope. The quilt looks beautiful. You are so prolific!

  3. oh i just love Park Slope too! do you have any orange floral or the border fabric/scraps left you would care to swap me for?

  4. OMG Oliver is soooo cute! A new snuggly quilt...wonderful!

  5. what a clever idea for the binding...i am sure i have clips around my house somewhere.

  6. Cathy,
    I want to see the whole quilt!! :)
    Great idea for holding the binding in place for you!

  7. I have to say that binding is my least favorite part of the quilt process. But I sure remember those hairclips :-)