Sunday, May 31, 2009

Working on quilt for daughter :-)

While I am enjoying sewing for my etsy shop my main love is sewing for family members especially my daughter. She loves all the quilts that I have made for her. This is the latest using Sandi Henderson's Farmer's Market fabric with Kona snow for the outlines. I bought a quilt kit ( I didn't use the pattern included) that had sixteen 1/2 yard pieces and have so much left. I will be using this material for quite a while. I don't mind though. I think that it is a beautiful line.

Have a good beginning week,

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dayna is the winner of the boxed squares quilt and Michelle is the winner of the second top, the split rails ones. Thank you everyone for participating. I plan on having a completed quilt to giveaway for my 100th post. :-)
Have a great weekend,

Friday, May 29, 2009

This Was Fun!

This is what I was working on this afternoon. This is my first time doing raw edge applique. What fun! But intense for me cause my neck is hurting! I think that I was a little intense while stitching. Hopefully, the more I do the less tense I will hold my body. LOL This pillow is going with the whirlygig quilt that I made for my niece who is having her first baby in November. Little ahead of myself aren't I? Now to go to the quilt store (ah shucks, hate to do that) and get more thread because I see a new addiction coming on. ;-)

Happy weekend,

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another Whirlygig Quilt Top

Just can't stop making Whirlygig quilts! This is my third. I used a template with this one so the squares were a little smaller, but more accurate to piece. The fabric is Bubblegum Basics......which is a darling line.
Have a good Thursday,

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another quilt top giveaway and an oops!

I have to apologize to everyone. I really didn't think that I would have many people interested in the quilt from yesterday. I found a home for it with the first email. I am so sorry for any misunderstanding. So, I do have another quilt top to give away. I will put all the names in from people that posted yesterday and then pull a name tomorrow. This is again Moda fabric , and again I can't remember the name. It is a pretty good size quilt. I don't think that I have any binding fabric but Moda fabric is sort of exchangeable so someone should be able to find something to go with it.
Thank you and I again apologize for my oops.
Take care,

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Free Quilt Top

I made this quilt top about 2 years ago and just set aside without quilting it. It doesn't go with anything and I doubt that I will ever use it. If anyone would like to have it please send me an email with your address and I will get it in the mail to you. I know that the fabric is Moda but don't remember the name of it. Close up.....I may have a little extra yardage for a border , but need to do a search.
Take care,

Monday, May 25, 2009

New Quilt Top

I just finished piecing this log cabin quilt top that I am making for my FIL because of his surgery. It is appropriate that I finished it on Memorial Day because he is a WW ll Veteran. I will quilt it tomorrow and get my DH to take it to him when he goes back for his shift(week) for helping him.
Tomorrow I have a free quilt top that I will post about that needs a home where someone will quilt it and enjoy it.

Take care,

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Last Year's Purse Kick!

Last year at this time I was on a major purse making kick! I must have made about 20 and probably gave 12 of those to my sister. I have gotten so that I would rather carry one of my purses that I made rather than any other. This is one I made this year for my summer purse.
This was last summer's purse. I used this one this past fall and winter.

This one isn't used as much because it doesn't go with too many of my clothes.

I was able to develop my own pattern after a while which was fun because I could customize how many pockets I wanted, etc.
Have a good rest of the weekend,

Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Projects and One Almost Finished Project

Here are some things that I have been working on. I am making a pillow from a pattern/tutorial from the wonderful blog "Don't look now". It is raw edge applique which I have never tried before. You sew the edges as you quilt. That will be my project for tomorrow. Then I can't get enough whirlygigs, so I am making another baby quilt using "Bubblegum Basics" fabric. I love this line of fabric. I have 2 new babies to come to sew for. One I know will be a boy so I am going to use the green, blue and yellow fabrics.
I finished quilting my Figtree fabric need to sew the binding on.

I hope that everyone is doing well and enjoying the holiday weekend.
Take care,

Monday, May 18, 2009

Giveaway Results

Good Oliver waiting to pick the winner....... Brodie (the golden who will eat anything) gets in the action
Thanks Mom!! Paper is so good......yum!

Can you tell that I had to pry this from his mouth? You are lucky Jessica that just the fabric and patterns are coming and not the soggy paper. ;-)
Jessica, please send me your address and I will get the fabric and patterns in the mail tomorrow.

Thank you so much everyone for commenting. I am going to give a quilt away for my 100th post. That is how much I love visitors!
Take care,
Quilt Hollow- The pattern is Tilt-a-Whirl from Quilt Moments. I think that I got it from Quilting Adventures in Richmond, VA. I will check next time I go there and buy it for you if you would like.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Quilt for my etsy shop

I ended up buying a new longarm......the Hinterberg Voyager. It is probably the most resonably priced longarm on the market (all I could swing at this time and am very lucky to be able to buy it at that) and I love it! It is so much quieter than my Nolting and has the needle up/down that I didn't have before. I think that my Nolting was one of the first Hobby Quilters that they made. They even call it the noisy one. LOL

I ended quilting this quilt with my new machine and just put it on etsy. I know that I showed it before it was quilted, but wanted to show it quilted.
Thank you so much for all the messages about my giveaway.....they make my day. I will pick a winner tomorrow and mail the fatquarters and patterns out on Tuesday.
I hope that everyone had a great weekend. My FIL is out of the ICU and doing really well. He is really a tough guy. He wanted to read a magazine 8 hours after open heart surgery.
Take care,

Friday, May 15, 2009

New Giveaway

I am having another giveaway.......just because! Included is 4 Lucien Fatquarters (not sure what line) and 3 patterns. I am sorry that the pictures are so bad. Really need to improve on my photography skills. If you click on the picture it will enlarge it and you can see details better. This fabric with some white would make a beautiful baby quilt or for someone who loves the color pink.

If you would like to participate please leave a way for me to get back to you. I will post the winner on Monday.
Have a great weekend,

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Be back soon

Lots of stuff going on the most important being that my 85 yr old father in law had open heart surgery today. He is doing really well!

Not the least important but well below open heart surgery is my long arm quilting machine which was older and used to begin with is not working. So my quilting came to a screeching halt.

I am still planning on a giveaway and will try to post in a day or so.
Take care,

Friday, May 8, 2009

I am such a follower :-)

I have been seeing several blogs with the Dresden Plate block and decided that I needed to make some I said I am such a follower. This is from some Moda Charm Squares in the Sanctuary line. It is such a fun block and since I like needleturn applique I can have the best of both worlds.....piecing and handwork. I made a few coozies for my sister and niece to use with their Starbucks coffee that they love so much. These were fun also. I have been in my sewing room a lot lately. My DH is in Williamsburg watching the golf tournament. One of his closest friends has a daughter who is in the tournament. So, I have been keeping myself busy.
Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!
I have a new giveaway that I will post about on Monday......4 Lucien Fatquarters.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fatquarters for sale

I don't want to be pushy but wanted to let you know that I have some fatquarters for sale on etsy which are a good price I think. This is a set of 33 fatquarters that are Star of Wonder by Bernatex. The cost is $40 and shipping is free for my blog readers.
clcknits on Etsy - Pink Petunia Cottage Quilts
This is a set of 24 fatquarters of reproduction and shirting fabrics. Set is $30 and shipping is free for my blog readers.

Please let me know if you are interested.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Latest quilt top

Here is my lastest top to go on etsy. It is loaded up and ready to be quilted. This is just 2 charm packs (Soiree by Moda) and white fabric. Took a while to make though!
Take care,

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My etsy shop quilts

Here are the quilts that I have listed so far in etsy. I have 2 more to add later. I probably won't sell anything but I have made so many quilts, and given away so many to family and good causes and they are still piling up! LOL So I thought that I would try this. Here is a link to the storefront. The name is silly but petunias are my favorite flower, one that I plant every year.
clcknits on Etsy - Pink Petunia Cottage QuiltsThe baby quilts may do well.

Thank you for looking,

Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Quilt Top

Boy, I have been slow in posting, but I have been quilting. I finished piecing this top using some Figtree fabrics. I am going to keep this one on the end of my bed to use to cuddle up in when I am reading. Of course, it will be fall before I can use it! Close up of the blocks.....very easy quilt that shows off the fabric.
I am finally ready to open my etsy shop. I am calling it "Pink Petunia Cottage Quilts" and have 5 quilts ready to upload.
I hope that everyone is having a good weekend,