Friday, May 29, 2009

This Was Fun!

This is what I was working on this afternoon. This is my first time doing raw edge applique. What fun! But intense for me cause my neck is hurting! I think that I was a little intense while stitching. Hopefully, the more I do the less tense I will hold my body. LOL This pillow is going with the whirlygig quilt that I made for my niece who is having her first baby in November. Little ahead of myself aren't I? Now to go to the quilt store (ah shucks, hate to do that) and get more thread because I see a new addiction coming on. ;-)

Happy weekend,


  1. Very cute! Love the giraffe. I've wanted to try that technique, but I really don't need another addiction!

  2. Such a cute giraffe applique! The colors are so nice and will go well with the quilt.

  3. I'm impressed with how ahead you are! And the giraffe is adorable. I'm a little addicted to applique myself, but I like the hand applique, so it takes a little longer. Love the fabrics!

  4. The giraff is very cute! It looks very nice. You did a good job.

  5. You are not ahead of yourself. I'm making plans already for the quilt for our greatgrandchild due in late December. I am wondering if the giraffe is a commercial pattern?