Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Quilts in progress

I finished the squares for the "Spring Fling" quilt and put them on my design wall. I am very pleased how it turned out. When I was piecing them I didn't know how much I would like this quilt because it seems like there was almost too many colors in this line, but the white seems to tie it all together. It calls for 2 borders but I didn't buy the fabric for it. Will a white border work okay? Or no border at all? For the binding I have enough squares left to make a scrappy binding. I would love everyones thoughts on this please.
And then the whirlygigs that I was working on at the beach.......I have about 50 squares done. I am just trying to figure out what size to make the quilt.

I need to get cracking at my quilting frame so I don't get a build up of quilt tops that need quilting.
Take care,

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Week at the Beach!

This is what you do when you are at the beach and it looks like this outside:

Rainy and foggy, but still beautiful! My parents treated my 2 sisters and myself to a week in Duck NC, where we have been coming for 20 plus years. No husbands, children, etc. We are having a wonderful time especially since the house is right on the ocean.
This is the back of the house which shows all the windows so even though it is raining we can still look at the ocean.

I will post more when I get home on Sat. I hope that everyone is well and getting lots of quilting done.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Helping the economy

I went to a quilt store today that I don't go to as much as the one closer to me. That will have to change because it was "Moda Heaven". She even had a display called Jo Jo's Pastery Shop with lots of Moda's precuts. I didn't buy too much...just these 2 cuts of fabric and
one of these little bake shop boxes that I have been seeing on the internet. It is a just because it is so cute purchase. :-)
I may make the little bags from the instructions in the box or I may just put it on my shelf and look at its cuteness!

Take care,

Monday, March 16, 2009

Square in a square in a square!

In all of my quilting I do not think that I have ever made a square in a square.....where have I been!? This pattern that I am working on now has me doing a square in a square in a square. It makes really pretty blocks, but takes a lot of ironing and squaring up. I am finding that it fun to just take my time and enjoy all the little details instead of my usual "get it done".
The pattern takes a Moda Cake and background fabric and borders. I am not going to add borders, just use the leftover blocks to make a scrappy border. The fabric is Moda's Spring Magic by April Cornell. I will post a picture when the top is complete.
I have been sewing a lot lately because it has been raining for days. Wed's forecast calls for abundant sunshine and 70 degrees. I am gonna be deck sitting for sure!
Have a good evening all,

Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm back.....finally!

I am finally back. The flu took a little longer to get over than I expected. Thank you so much Lucy for checking in on me.

I have been sewing a lot in the last 2 days. I pieced this quilt together for my niece who is expecting. I have enough fabric to make another one which I will probably put in my "grandmother to be one of these years" hope chest. I just love the yellow fabric which is why I am going to save one of the quilts. Aren't those little birds the cutest?
Here is another project I have been working on......one of Miss Melly's patterns. This is for my 24 year old daughter. She humors me .....well , actually she loves them. I made her a Mr. Magoo awhile back. I just make sure that they go with her decor. ;-) Just need to sew on the arms and get some eyes.

I found an extra pattern that I already have.....if anyone wants it let me know and I will send it on.

Have a good rest of the weekend,

Friday, March 6, 2009

Rejoining the world.....hopefully tomorrow

Just a quick note to let all know that I have had the "stomach flu from hell" and for the first time since Sunday I have felt a little better. I lost 15 pounds if you can believe that?
Take care,