Monday, March 16, 2009

Square in a square in a square!

In all of my quilting I do not think that I have ever made a square in a square.....where have I been!? This pattern that I am working on now has me doing a square in a square in a square. It makes really pretty blocks, but takes a lot of ironing and squaring up. I am finding that it fun to just take my time and enjoy all the little details instead of my usual "get it done".
The pattern takes a Moda Cake and background fabric and borders. I am not going to add borders, just use the leftover blocks to make a scrappy border. The fabric is Moda's Spring Magic by April Cornell. I will post a picture when the top is complete.
I have been sewing a lot lately because it has been raining for days. Wed's forecast calls for abundant sunshine and 70 degrees. I am gonna be deck sitting for sure!
Have a good evening all,


  1. I sure like that pattern...square in a square blocks are a lot of work but I love them when they're done. Pretty, pretty fabric.

  2. I almost bought the same pattern -- it really caught my eye.

    I know what you mean about all the piecing -- sometimes it really wears me down, but good advice just try and enjoy it.

  3. Looks GREAT!! Spring Magic is SO MUCH FUN!!! The square in square is good. I just might have to try something like that sometime!:)