Friday, March 6, 2009

Rejoining the world.....hopefully tomorrow

Just a quick note to let all know that I have had the "stomach flu from hell" and for the first time since Sunday I have felt a little better. I lost 15 pounds if you can believe that?
Take care,


  1. OMG! Glad you're feeling better...what an awful way to lose weight.

  2. So sorry you hsd this bug. Rest up...we'll all be here when you return.

  3. OMG is right! I'm so sorry you're sick, but if you'd like me to take that flu off your hands, just send it to me with a return guarantee (hahaha) that if I don't lose 15lbs too, I get to send it back :)

    Seriously... I hope you feel better soon!

  4. Just checking in on you. Sending good vibes...

  5. Just found your website - like it! I am new to blogging too! I hope you get your strength up to quilt!