Thursday, November 27, 2014

Lots of sewing going on…..

Always sewing if I can…the joy that quilting brings me is wonderful. When I am happy I want to quilt and even when I am worried about something, quilting helps soothe me.

 I have made probably 8 Wee Wander quilts…I love this fabric, especially the softness of it.

 A little secret sewing for a wonderful Cavalier Rescue lady.

 Pumpkin pillow for my daughter.

Quilt top for my daughter, yes, I love sewing for her.

 I got on the Granny Square wagon way late, but love them and can't wait to quilt and use this one.

 Fun pincushion to make.

 A pillow for Cavalier Rescue.

 I adore the Little Red Riding Hood fabric by Tasha Noel and still have a bit left.

 Miss Kate fabric by Bonnie and Camille…I adore making this quilt pattern, so much fun.

Back of the Little Red Riding Hood quilt.

I will be back with more pics, hopefully not as long as it took me to upload these.

Happy Quilting,