Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Charmed Whirlygig Quiltalong Fabric Needs

Thank you to Jacque for posting on the flickr page the fabric requirements when my internet connection was being wonky.  
Here is what she posted:
***'s what you need to make a whirlygig quilt...
2 charm packs. Yes, two. Of the same fabric collection. Two charms makes one whirlygig. If your charm pack has 42 charms, you'll finish with 42 whirlygigs...for a 6 x 7 square layout.
You'll also need about 1.5 yards of background fabric. 
You'll need more fabric for the borders (if desired), backing, and binding.****

Here is my fabric just waiting to be cut into....I am so excited about using the "Bliss" fabric. 
I have a yard of the blue  for my border and 1/2 of a yard of the red for the binding.  I always say this quilt is a "cheap but cheerful" one to make. :-)
Looking forward to seeing you on the 6th of February,


  1. I'll be there, with my frolic!

  2. love your background!! the fabric you chose is really pretty

  3. OOOOH! Bliss! Great choice. I may use Whimsy by Fig Tree, not sure yet. I can't wait though! I also wanted to say I love the blog make over. The background is really pretty!

  4. I have never made a quilt before, but I'm ready to tackle this!! Can you tell me what size of quilt this makes? I want it for a full-size bed - do I need to have more fabric to do that? I also saw you have a "large" whirlygig version so I might go that route...
    mandybeez at