Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Need Help With Solid Color Fabrics Please

Most of my quilts are made with a plain white fabric, usually Southern Belle Muslin which I adore. Lately though, the last 2 orders of it have been very disappointing. It used to be a 220 thread count and so soft, now its weave seems a little less and it isn't very soft. I ordered it from 2 different places so I am assuming that it has changed.

I am on a mission to find a new white and actually other solid colors to use. My problem is I don't care for Kona Solids very much. Does anyone know of other manufacturers that you are happy with their solid colors. It seems that Bella Solids are softer than Kona, but still not as soft as Southern Belle.

Thank you so much for any suggestions that you might have!


  1. I love Bella Solids...they sew up so nicely and press wonderfully.

  2. i was going to suggest bella solids by moda as well.

  3. Sorry, cannot help you out...I love Kona, though I have not tried any others. Good luck!

  4. I can't help you with fabric choice but must say your last couple of blogs made my day!

  5. How about the solids from Connecting Threads (www.connectingthreads.com). I like them. I don't know about Bella Solids, but I don't like Kona either. I find the Connecting threads solids have a nice hand and they are only $4.96/yard.