Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Newest Little Dolls

I have been busy making customs dolls for people and just love how they all turn out with their own personalities. It still amazes me that these creations come from a lump of sheep's wool, cotton stockinette and cotton tricot. No one is alike.....regardless of how scientific I can be weighing and measuring they all still turn out different.

This little one went to a good friend who has had too much sorrow lately.

This little guy will be going to a new home at the end of the week. He is sporting new yarn for his hair.

 This one went to a Kindergarten class in Canada....oh to see all her adventures......

 This one is going to a lovely lady in the US who is such a delight to work with. Her hair was a happy dyeing accident. It was supposed to be brown, but turned out Plum.

I now have 8 quilt tops to be quilted......they are starting to stack up. In between dollmaking I quilt as much as I can.
What are you working on?
Take care,


  1. I've already used up all the adjectives in the dictionary to let you know how dang cute those dolls you make are. So, all I can say is, "well done". Yeah, right. {grin} Okay, so the plum hair is fabulous, the little boy is dang cute, red is going to be in a happy place and blondie looks like a blonde. All of them adorable!

  2. Lovely, all of them! I love the plum hair.

  3. Just adorable!!! Each one with its own little personality shining through. Well done!!!

  4. hi Cathy! These are so sweet. I love the one with the cape. So adorable. I've been quilting! Just finished a quilt for a family member and have been playing with embroidery. Have a great day!

  5. So very very sweet little babies. Love the hair colors too! well done Cathy!

  6. Every time I think your dolls can't get any cuter, they've outdone yourself.