Monday, May 20, 2013

Late to the Party

There have been so many beautiful pictures of the granny square quilt block as well as quilt alongs. I promised myself that I would make a quilt using them. I am a little late to the party but am just smitten with making this block. The color possibilities are endless.

Now just 19 more to go. ;-)

Take care,


  1. Love these blocks out of Avalon - its going to be so pretty!

  2. I agree! The squares in Avalon are going to be beautiful, Cathy!

  3. I'm 17 year old girl going to 18 in 3 months. I do want to go this party BUT the whole safety thing is an issue for me. It's in town which is perfect there's only a few of my friends going but they live in a different area to me and I can get the bus back but it's just walking it back alone in the dark past midnight is scary. I could book a taxi but that's scary too. My mom wouldn't let me past midnight anyway but I'm sure I can convince her and not tell her the exact time I will be back. It starts around 8:30pm till late I was told. What exactly does till late mean? & Should I go if am worried about the safety. The bus stop is 10-15 minutes away from where the party is and I would have to walk it all alone! Ventilated Transformers