Friday, September 25, 2009

A Little Crochet and the Next Coin Quilt

Thank you for all the comments on the quilts that I posted the other day......I really appreciate it so much!

Do I need to get a life? Another coin quilt!!! What can I say......I love making them especially if I start with charm packs. They are so easy to make and so much fun. I have a local quilt shop that has charm packs and jelly rolls in other fabrics besides Moda, so it is easy to use different lines of fabric. Up close and personal.
I am also trying a little crochet. I am an avid knitter and have probably knitted around 25 pairs of socks over the years. When I started quilting again after a long break, I put the knitting needles away. I haven't crocheted since high school, which was very long ago, but with a great niece along the way I decided to give it a try. I love You-tube and was able to see lots of tutorials to help refresh the old brain. ;-)

I hope that everyone has a great weekend,


  1. great coin quilt...the colors are so bright and fun. that little hat is so cute, i made one like it for my daughter. I love the flower touch!

  2. Pretty, pretty coin quilt...and that hat is about the cutest thing ever.

  3. Love that little hat ... the quilt is gorgeous!

    TY for sharing. Have a beautiful weekend. TTFN ~Marydon

  4. Both are adorable! Hey, if it works for you go with it! Love your quilts!

  5. Love the quilt very nice, i learnt how to do socks last year now i am doing them just plain ones but using self-patterning yarns so they not all the same except for DH most ones i will do for him will be plain/solid colours as he not in to the really fancy patterns they make or the colours i do also do training/sports socks for him then i can use some of the colour yarns that create their own pattern as for crocheting well just about manage a granny square but no i can't really crochet
    Hugs Janice

  6. What a sweet little hat! I may have to try that. I've got a neice on the way too.

  7. I too love the coins because with a little cutting here and there, they take on a totally different look.
    Just finished my most fav, Swanky Chez Moi and it's so pretty in coins...uses all the fabric too. I think I had about 1/2" off each Jelly.
    I knit, must start making socks again, it's so relaxing...