Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Finished Quilt

I have had to get a new computer......my screen was going and other strange things were happening. So my son convinced me to get a MacBook. I am really enjoying it. I used a Mac when I taught school but that was "many moons ago".

I finished this quilt yesterday that was being done on the Old Red Barn Quilt Along. The fabric is Heather Bailey's "Pop Garden and Bijoux". I saw a few quilts in this fabric from the quiltalong and had to be a copycat. I love it, but it is a little small because I just had a jelly roll of the fabrics.
Notice how Mollie always gets in the picture! Every time we go out on the deck to take pictures she gets in front.

I hope everyone is staying busy quilting and is doing well.
Take care,


  1. Congrats on the new MacBook! I have one too and love it with one exception...I can't figure out how to load photos on my blog that will enlarge like yours do. Do you have any pointers that would help me?!?!

  2. Looks great !! I wish I had joined that quilt-a-long --- course I can't seem to finish anything these days so probably best I did not.

    How's the store doing???

  3. I thought about making a second one with a jelly roll since the strips were the same size as Dana has us using. I love your bright colors, and I'm always impressed with a finish -- not my strong suit, as we know. Beautiful!

  4. Very happy quilt...I love bright colours.