Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer Cleaning - fabric for sale;-)

I have been going through my fabric and picked out some that I will not be using. I also want to order a roll of batting so if I can sell some of the fabric, I won't feel as quilty ordering 30 yards of batting! LOL

First is a quilt kit that I bought from the Fatquarter Shop last year. It is a "Cottage Charm" kit from Anka's Treaures for Henry Glass. SOLD Here is the fabric....just beautiful and there is quite a lot of it. If someone made scrappy quilts this would be enough for quite a few. I am asking $50 plus $8 shipping.

A Maypole Jelly Roll with 2 yards of additional fabric for borders and binding. $25 plus $6 shipping. SOLD

22 fatquarters called "Anticipation" by Sandy Gervais for Moda. This is an older line and just gorgeous. $30 plus $6 shipping SOLD

This is 16 fatquarters that I have leftover from a quilt I made. There are not all full fatquarters, but are some of them are. I have some partial yardage that I will put in as well.
The fabric is "Shangri-la" by 3 Sisters for Moda. The yardage is a pretty green from the line and as well as some brown fabric from Moda. I am asking $20 plus $5 shipping. SOLD

And last is some cream and tan fatquarters that would go beautifully with reproduction fabrics . There are 12 total and I will more than happy to unroll them and take more pictures if you are interested. I am asking $20 and that includes shipping. SOLD

I hope that this isn't annoying to anyone.......I try to have good prices just as I would like. I do sell on "Sew its for Sale" but would rather try on my blog. I can take paypal or checks or even well hidden cash.
Thank you for looking!
Have a great rest of the day,


  1. Hi Cathy
    I would love to buy your fabric, the Maypole jelly roll and fabric and the 12 cream and tan fat quarters. I'm in Australia and would pay you through paypal

  2. Hi Cathy...I'll take the quilt kit, I can PayPal you. Too bad I missed the Mapole jelly roll...I have the Maypole layer cake from you last month!! But that quilt looks yummy and I love when all the fabrics are already picked

  3. Thank you very much everyone!
    Sue, I have the Maypole Jelly Roll and yardage and Cream fatquarters reserved for you. Please send me your email address and home address when you can....thank you,
    Cathy or