Thursday, November 19, 2009

Great Nephew and Craft Show

It is raining (again) and it is making me sleepy so I am being lazy and not taking any pictures of what I have been working on. We went to camping this past weekend, so we could see my new great nephew. I was able to hold him a lot, which was so much fun! He is the one that I made the "Benjamin" pillow for and the whirlygig quilt with blue and green Bubble Gum Basics fabric.
In this pictures he is 16 days old and he is absolutely beautiful!!! His grandmother was there (my younger sister) so we both were fighting to hold him. LOLThis is my 98th post, so I am getting ready for a 100th post giveaway. I just love the blogging world of is so much fun.

I was in a craft show last Friday, and decided that it would be the only one. I worked hours upon hours getting ready for it and only sold a little bit. I think that my items may have been a little too trendy for a retirement community. I did get a quilt top quilted, another one finished and pillowcases made. I will charge up my camera and post pictures very soon.

I hope that everyone is doing well.....please check back soon for the 100th post,


  1. What a gorgeous baby. Lovely when they're so cuddly.

  2. There is nothing better than sitting for hours holding a sweet baby. ENJOY!

  3. What an adoraable little baby...don't you just love that new baby smell? Soooo cute!

  4. What a beautiful nephew. I love when they lay on you like that. Makes you want to fall asleep too. So relaxing.

  5. oh, what a darling baby...all that hair (my babies had hair like that)! Love it! New babies...too irresistible!