Saturday, November 21, 2009

Quilt Top and How Not to Monogram Pillowcases! And Some Cute Boxes Thrown In....

I, finally after making numerous whirlygig quilts, finished a quilt top for moi! Yea!! The size turn out to be a generous lapquilt.Beautiful Moda one is surprised there. ;-)
I had an antique desk in my bedroom, but it wasn't good for displaying quilts, so I "stole" this bookcase from my husband's office. My daughter decorated it for me and now I have room for more quilts. I have given away or sold just about all the quilts that I have made so I need to get busy and make some for this. It is going to be a tough job, but someone has to do it. :-)
I am getting pretty good at finding things to use as storage in my sewing room. I think it is because of all the creative people in blogville. I found these cute boxes at Target for a $1 a piece. They are very sturdy and I plan on covering them with fabric after the holidays....pretty cute idea dontcha think.LOL

This is my big oops for the week. I usually monogram pillowcases after I have assembled them. This time I did the monograming first, being very careful to get it right. Well, the 54 year old brain let me down, yep the monogram is upside down. I am going to flip them and redo on the good side.
My 100th post is next!

Have a great rest of the weekend,


  1. oh, Cathy. I love your whirlygig quilt! That pattern has been on my list of quilts to make...just gotta find the time to do it...perhaps after the holidays. That's too bad about the pillowcase. I hate reverse sewing!

  2. Love your Target boxes. They are so cute. I'd love to see how you cover them with fabric. So sorry about the pillowcases, but you know, it does happen ;-)

  3. Very pretty whirlygigs! And I love the Target boxes too~ I don't think I'd cover them, just have a little holiday all year! :) Sorry abt the whoops~ hopefully you can figure out an easy fix.

  4. Lovely quilt & the boxes will be able to hold all your treasures lol
    Hugs Janice

  5. Darling darling whirly gig quilt!! Love the fabrics you used! And SCORE-O-RAMA on the boxes!! I need to go to Target! LOL

  6. Love the whirly gigs! I recently made a table runner from whirlys and it was fun... maybe a whole quilt next time as yours turned out beautiful!

  7. do you know where i can find that quilt pattern?