Monday, February 23, 2009

Fast and Fun Quilt

This is a fun quilt to make and really fast. I bought the "Oh Cherry Oh" by Moda jelly roll as an impluse when I was checking out at my LQS. It's like candy bars in a grocery store. It is just sitting there on the counter looking so pretty and then next thing I know I am buying it! Here it is on my oh so fancy design wall ( a piece of batting staple gunned to my bedroom wall.....such a beautiful way of decorating! ) The fabric above is for the borders and binding.
I think that I will give this away to Project Linus. The local coordinator said that they could use older children and teenager quilts. This makes a pretty good size and is so cheerful that maybe it will brighten someone's day.
Quick question for all.....are you an impluse fabric buyer or are most of your purchases planned? I have bought way too many kits and fabric on impluse, so that is something that I am going to try to work on.
Take care,


  1. OMG that quilt is soooooooooo cute! Love it! I really tend to get sucked right into the precuts and kits...I just can't help myself...they are all the perfect little package.

  2. That is actually absolutely darling! I love it! I'd toss that over the arm of a white wicker chair and be in hog heaven!

    I'm not an impulse fabric buyer. Gadgets yes, fabric no. :)

  3. Very cute quilt!

    To your question ~ yes and no. I'm getting better but I have bought kits, fabric, patterns and books on impulse ~ knowing I really shouldn't have. But I've also made the mistake of not listening to the "impulse" A couple of years ago, I bought a kit on impulse. At the time, it occurred to me that I should buy two kits since I was pretty sure I was going to want a little bit bigger quilt than the one in the kit which was about 48" x 56". I decided to be a "good girl" and get only one kit. Big mistake. Every time I look at my little quilt, I do the shoulda/coulda thing. :)