Monday, February 9, 2009

Working on my first large quilt

I have probably made 40 some quilts in the last 2 years, but never any large enough for my queen sized bed. I have been working on this and just have the last border to put on and then it is off to be quilted. It will be about 84" by 84" which is going to make it so snuggly. It does take quite a bit longer to make them big, but so worth it! Fabric is Nature's Chorus by Moda. I am making a lap quilt for my daughter using this Amy Butler fabric. These whirlygiggle blocks are so much fun to do and pretty fast. I will quilt this one myself since it will be small enough for my frame.
I only had 3 people respond to my giveaway, so I will be sending them all fabric. I will contact you tomorrow to find out your color choices.
My heart and prayers go out to all the Australians affected by the brush fires.
Take care everyone,


  1. Your quilt is gorgeous...great pattern and the fabric is sooooooooo pretty. Those whirly giggle blocks are great...I think I need to do one of those.

  2. that is a cute picture of oliver! you need to post more pictures of the quilts you make because they are so pretty and i can show them off here at work! when i go home i'll add your blog to my favorites. i love you sissypoo

  3. Your whirlygiggle looks great. Love the color choice. Good for you doing a queen size! I wish I could do some lap sizes. My swell quilt that I'm working on looks like it might become a king size!:) I'm soooooo out of control!:) I read your post about the fabric and I will take whatever the others don't want but I do like the bottom bright oranges and reds. Thanks again so much!! Great job on all your quilts. It's fun to have friends to quilt with isn't it?:)