Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quilting friends are the best!

I have 3 wonderful friends that I get together with as often as we can to quilt together. We came together to learn needleturn applique and stayed together because we have so much fun together. Here is Nancy -I forgot to take any pictures of her work. I will next time. Here is another Nancy, whom I did take a picture of her magnificent quilt.
All hand appliqued and hand quilted!

She made this for her lucky daughter......I told her that I wish she would take a picture when her daughter opens it because I would love to see the look on her face. And the other quilting friend is Suzanne -but she was a bad girl and wouldn't let me take her picture. I will sneak and do it next time. :-) She is an expert at needleturn and has taught many people how to do it. She has made a Baltimore Album quilt that I need to see put together. I saw all the blocks and they are just beautiful

I am almost finished putting the borders on my DD's quilt and then I will quilt it. I hope that she likes it.
This is on my quilting frame.....I need to get off my behind and finish it. We took out the dinette in our Airstream trailer and put in a couch. One needs to have quilts on all couches as far as I am concerned. Can't leave the trailer out.

I hope that everyone is doing okay,

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