Thursday, April 16, 2009

Can't stop starting quilts!

I keep telling myself (others too) that I am not going to start something new until I get most of my WIPs finished. Ha Ha!! That's pretty funny now that I typed that. ;-) But I just can't seem to stop starting new projects. I just love the feeling of cutting into fabric and making it into something. So, I started a new quilt for my daughter. I am keeping it simple with Sawtooth blocks sewn together and a border using all the fabrics sewn into strips. I am using a layer cake from Moda called Soiree. I must have looked at this line for weeks before I finally pushed the buy button. It is just beautiful and I knew that I would regret not buying it if I didn't.

Take care, Cathy

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  1. Very, very fun! Can't beat starting a new project! That's what we do!