Thursday, August 20, 2009

A finish and an almost finish

I finished quilting the whirlygig quilt and am getting ready to watch some saved "The Closer" programs and stitch the binding on. Something fun to do on another hot day. The fabric is Arcadia from Moda. Close up of the meandering quilting.....much easier to do and easier on the hands than the circles were. My longarm is very smooth, but weighs 75 lbs so that may be why my wrists and hands were a little sore when quilting my last quilt.
Wild binding to use......I didn't have any yardage to match this quilt so I just picked out what Ithought would work. It is so soft......why are some fabrics so soft and others not so much so? I have even noticed it with Moda lines.
My coin quilt finished, washed and in all its crinkly glory! And crinkly it is! But it covers the old feet...yah!! Meant to show the binding which is scrappy using the leftover fatquarters of this collection.
Have a great rest of the day and thank you for visiting,


  1. I love them! Especially the crinkly look!

  2. I just love them both...all crinkly!

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  4. The quilts look great Cathy - thinking I might have to make a whirlygig quit one day soon.

  5. I just quilted and posted a quilt today using Arcadia....fantastic line!

  6. HI ,
    I am melani from Sri Lanka, I am amazed with your blog. wow its beautiful. Im going to buy a sewing machine and make a quilt for my husband. I can get lots of idean from you. thank you. i dont know whether i can buy such beautiful fabric you used in my country. but i will give a try. hanks again