Thursday, August 13, 2009

If it's not a coin quilt then it must be a.........

..... whirlygig quilt!  I really have my favorites don't I?  I think that whirlygigs look so neat while showing off the fabric which to me is what a quilt is all about.

I am doing a little different quilting this time on my new coin quilt. I think it is called pebbles.  It is making for denser quilting, which is going take much longer.  I really like a simple meander best, but wanted to try something new.  Does anyone know if denser quilting makes a quilt heavier?

Take care and thank you for the visit,


  1. Hi Cathy, I love you blog design. Where did you get it from?

  2. Cute Whirlygigs! Love 'em. I think denser quilting does make the quilt heavier...lots more thread.

  3. those whirlygig blocks are wonderful. the fabrics are so fun!!

  4. I'm with Carol. I think denser quilting makes for a heavier quilt. It has in my experience anyway. I love the coin quilts and the whirlygigs as well.

    I saw Mezzanine on her blog, and I just love it too. So many beautiful things out there to hoard! ;)

  5. We have so much in common. I also love coin and whirlygig quilts. Also, love Aqua Poppy Designs! Can't wait to get her to do my blog layout.